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Selling unadvertised business for over 35 years.

Buying a business through MLA Associates - You only buy a bad business once and it could be your last!

  • MLA are often able to offer businesses that do not come to the wider market.

First and foremost, we offer for sale businesses that do not come to the wider market, never advertised and sold in the background of both public and staff.

We specialise is four specific areas of the service industry, which gives you the buyer a highly hone wealth of experience in your industry.

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Call me on 0208 954 7509


Boxtree Lane, Harrow Weald. London

Located within easy access of many motorways and transport hubs


Please call any time. 

I understand sometimes it best to call when the office is empty and staff have gone home


Phone: (0) 208 954 7509

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