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We do not hawk businesses about indiscriminately and certainly do not publish details of companies on the web. All work is undertaken is absolute confidentiality and discretion.

With more than 35 years of trading experience, combined with a growing and extensive list of contacts within the sectors we specialise in, we are able to match as accurately as possible buyers to sellers.

We specialise in the service industry mainly Commercial Ceaning, Insurance, Security, as well as other Internet based businesses.

MLA History

MLA Associates has undergone many changes since its inception. As technology advanced and new methods of communication made others obsolete, it maintained its edge and kept up to date with all new developments. MLA Associates is also UNIQUE in one key factor: there are no fees charged to sellers – this decision was made by Michael, when working within the service industry he observed the extortionate fees brokers charged sellers.

New algorithm introduced

New algorithm introduced

Over the past four years MLA Associates has been refining all its in- house systems so as to enable an accurate and as precise as possible match between buyers and sellers.

Michael's Daughter rejoins.

Michael's Daughter rejoins.

Under the stewardship of Michael's daughter the company now has a state of the art technology that can match buyers to sellers in a congruent and expeditious manner thus preventing as much as possible time wasting for both parties.

First Website Went Online

First Website Went Online

Using a collection of web building tools MLA Associates moved into a period of massive change, and generally everything in the technical world started to get much cheaper. By this time we were using windows 98 (we still have a fully licenced version in the office unopened)

Worried about Y2K

Worried about Y2K

By 2000 we had already embraced technology with the business and moved from using crane to install old IBM systems and settled with Windows 3.1

MLA was created

MLA was created

Working within the service industry Michael quickly saw the extortionate fees for selling his businesses and decided to set up a business brokerage with a difference. The difference was sellers NEVER pay fees.

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